C Program for Stack Operations using arrays.

Data structures using C,
Stack is a data structure in which the objects are arranged in a non linear order. In stack, elements are added or deleted from only one end, i.e. top of the stack. Here we implement the PUSH, POP, DISPLAY stack operations using the array. Read more about C Programming Language .

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#define SIZE 5 /* Size of Stack */
int s[SIZE], top = -1; /* Global declarations */

push(int elem) { /* Function for PUSH operation */
if (Sfull())
printf("nn Overflow!!!!nn");
else {
s[top] = elem;

int pop() { /* Function for POP operation */
int elem;
if (Sempty()) {
return (-1);
} else {
elem = s[top];
return (elem);

int Sfull() { /* Function to Check Stack Full */
if (top == SIZE - 1)
return 1;
return 0;

int Sempty() { /* Function to Check Stack Empty */
if (top == -1)
return 1;
return 0;

display() { /* Function to display status of Stack */
int i;
if (Sempty())
printf(" n Empty Stackn");
else {
for (i = 0; i <= top; i++)
printf("%dn", s[i]);

main() { /* Main Program */
int opn, elem;
do {
printf("n ### Stack Operations ### nn");
printf("n Press 1-Push, 2-Pop,3-Display,4-Exitn");
printf("n Your option ? ");
scanf("%d", &opn);
switch (opn) {
case 1:
printf("nnRead the element to be pushed ?");
scanf("%d", &elem);
case 2:
elem = pop();
if (elem != -1)
printf("nnPopped Element is %d n", elem);
case 3:
printf("nnStatus of Stacknn");
case 4:
printf("nn Terminating nn");
printf("nnInvalid Option !!! Try Again !! nn");
printf("nnnn Press a Key to Continue . . . ");
} while (opn != 4);

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