K&R C Program Exercise 1-11

K and R C Programs Exercises provides the solution to all the exercises in the C Programming Language, second addition, by Brian W.Keringhan and Dennis M.Ritchie(Prentice Hall,1988). You can learn and solve K&R C Programs Exercise. How would you test the word count program? What kinds of input are most likely to uncover bugs if there are any?. Read more about C Programming Language .

To test the word count program try some of the following inputs: 

1. input file contains zero words , output should be 0, 0, 0.
2. input file contains 1 enormous word without any newlines
3. input file contains all white space without newlines
4. input file contains 66000 newlines
5. input file contains word
{huge sequence of white space of different kinds}/word
6. input file contains 66000 single letter words,
66 to the line
7. input file contains 66000 words without any newlines

Some boundary conditions are:
-no input
-no words--just new lines
-no words--just blanks,tabs, and new lines
-one word per line--no blanks and tabs
-word starting at the beginning of the line
-word starting after some blanks.

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K and R C Programs Exercise

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