How to prepare and write the C Aptitude Exams?

In this post, we are giving the some tips on how to prepare and write the C aptitude exams.
Dear friends while you are attending an interview,these days almost all companies have the C aptitude round for the freshers, so be prepare for an interview.

Preparation for C aptitude exams:

"One important key to success is self-confidence.
An important key to self-confidence is preparation"
- Arthur Ashe.
Preparation for an interview is not an one day preparation before interview process,
So Don't wait for an interview call, be updated every day. Preparation for an interview is not an easy thing,
you should know all the details about the attending company, interview pattern, company structure, depth in concepts, and more.
Every job interview question is asked to test your skill, so be prepare for your interview.

Study the Basic concepts:
You should know the basic knowledge of the language. Read more and more c language books of
different authors,recall your study materials, and try to understand the concepts like structures, 
pointers, arrays, and etc. Don't simply read the concepts, try to under stand it, and solve the problems on it. 
Invest on good C aptitude, C language books surely these books are returns the good knowledge on C program.

Point it down

How much you are studied is not an important thing, what you really understand at the end 
of the day is important. While attending the aptitude tests be specific is very important,
for that you should memorize the things what you are studied, so while preparing just note down the important 
things or underline it or use the flash cards for memorizing.

Solve, Solve,and Solve
Solve the more and more examples available on C. Try to solve the C Aptitude questions from various books or websites, it gives the strong hands on C.
Try to solve the C online tests, it is very help full to manage the time and you can know about your capability. Depends on the score you can take the more difficult tests.

Look at the history
Format/type of test isn’t a huge surprise, so try to solve the attending company previous papers. They are not repeat the same questions, but pattern and concept are the same. By solving the previous year papers you have an idea what to except.

How to write the C Aptitude exams? 
“Strength of mind is exercise, not rest.” 
 - Alexander Pope 
Each and every interview attending is a technique or a skill, you should know about an interview techniques, 
interview questions pattern or type of interview. C aptitude round is the one which finds the real talent of your programming skill, your IQ, and how you are solving the problems in the given  time inter well.

Time is the key
In the C Aptitude test round companies are giving very less time and more questions, So don't waste the time while answering.
Read the question carefully and understand it quickly. Don't confused with questions it take more time. 
First try to solve the questions on which you are very well known concepts, 
i.e. if you are good in pointers just solve the pointers questions first, then try the other questions, it helps you to score more. 
Don't waste the time on one single question, if you didn't get it, just move forward after finishing other one's if you have a more enough time then attend that type of questions.

Be specific
Don't guess the answer just by looking at it, it surely looses your marks. Try to solve the
each and every question by paper work.
If you are really prepared and you know the concept very well you will get the answer which is in the options list.

For example:

Predict the output or error(s) for the following:

int i=-1;
printf("i = %dnn",+i);

Options:a. i = 0 b. i = 1 c. i = 2 d. i = -1 if you don't know the concept of unary operators, and you are going to guessing it, by looking at the +i, you will choose b or c both are wrong. Unary + is the only dummy operator in C. Where-ever it comes you can just ignore it just because it has no effect in the expressions (hence the name dummy operator) so answer is -1. Compiler dependsSome C puzzles are really very tricky be care full while answering those questions. For example: Predict the output or error(s) for the following:

void main()

int x,y;
x = 5;
y = ++x * ++x;
printf("Value of x = %d and Value of y = %dn",x,y);

Options: a.Value of x = 6 and Value of y = 30 b.Value of x = 7 and Value of y = 42 c.Value of x = 7 and Value of y = 49 d.Compiler dependent In this question most of the compilers produce the answer c,because in any expression pre 

increment operator has a higher priority than arithmetic operator as a result value of x is increment 
is first two times then value of y is evaluated.But some  compilers may produce an entire different outputs, 
so there is a choice compiler dependent, so the answer is d. 
Contrary methods 
In some cases if you don't know the answer, you can find the answer by looking at the options.

Predict the output or error(s) for the following:


int i=3;

case 1: printf("one");
case 2:printf("two");
case 3: printf("three");

Options: a.six b.3 c.three d.four In this question if you don't know any thing about switch statement, but by looking at the options, you can easily point out that six, 3, four are not the answers, so answer is three. Dear friends be prepare for your interviews and be confident. Don't blame your luck 

after every interview, Best of luck for your interviews
"Luck is where opportunity meets preparation". Best of luck for your interviews.
-Denzel Washington

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