C Program to add one to digits of a number

Write C Program to add one to digits of a number.
C Program that adds the 1 to each single digit of a number, i.e for Example 12345’s output is 23456.
If the digit is 9 it adds 1 and follows the carry system, 9 becomes 0 and 9’s left digit adds one more 1. I.e., 3491’s output is 4602. Read more about C Programming Language .

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int main()
 int num, sum = 0;
 int rem, check = 0;
 clrscr( );
 printf("Enter the required number:");
 printf("nGiven Number: %d",num);
  rem = num % 10;
  if(rem != 9)
   if(check == 0) 
    sum = (10 * sum) + (rem + 1);
    sum = (10*sum) + (rem + 2);
    check = 0;
   sum = (10 * sum) + 0;
   check = 1;
  num = num/10;

 num = sum; sum=0;
 while(num > 0)
  rem = num % 10;
  sum = (10*sum) + rem;
  num = num / 10;
 printf("nAfter Adding one: %d",sum);
 getch( );
 return 0;
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2 comments on “C Program to add one to digits of a number

  • Anonymous says:

    This program uses a user defined function ‘getSumOfDigit’ to find the sum of digits of a number.


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