C Program to compute the difference between two dates.

Write a C program to compute the difference between two dates.In this C Program, We check the date is valid or not and then calculating the No. of days of first date and second date from Jan 1 of first date, then subtract the smaller date from another. Read more about C Programming Language .

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void main()
int day1,mon1,year1,day2,mon2,year2;
int ref,dd1,dd2,i;
printf("Enter first date day, month, yearn");
printf("Enter second date day, month, yearn");
ref = year1;
ref = year2;
printf("nn Difference between the two dates is %d days",abs(dd2-dd1));


int dater(x)
{ int y=0;
case 1: y=0; break;
case 2: y=31; break;
case 3: y=59; break;
case 4: y=90; break;
case 5: y=120;break;
case 6: y=151; break;
case 7: y=181; break;
case 8: y=212; break;
case 9: y=243; break;
case 10:y=273; break;
case 11:y=304; break;
case 12:y=334; break;
default: printf("Invalid Inputnnnn"); exit(1);

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One comment on “C Program to compute the difference between two dates.

  • You are not taken the leap year extra day count in your dater() function.
    If u see clearly: If let say year (which is not the reference one…means greater one is a leap year)
    Try your code for dates: 16/05/2004 and 25/08/2012

    Also rather than using condition "i%4" use a proper Isleapyear check,
    For eg:
    int Isleap(int year) {
    if(((year % 4) == 0 && (year % 100) != 0) || (year % 400 == 0)) {
    return 1;
    else {
    return 0;


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