C program to find the GCD and LCM of two integers

Write a C program to find the GCD and LCM of two integers output the results along with the given integers. Use Euclids’ algorithm to find the GCD and LCM.
Euclids’ algorithm uses the division algorithm which repeatedly divides starting from the two numbers we want to find the GCD of until we get a remainder of 0. Read more about C Programming Language .

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main()
 int  num1, num2, gcd, lcm, remainder, numerator, denominator;

 printf("Enter two numbersn");
 scanf("%d %d", &num1,&num2);

 if (num1 > num2)
  numerator = num1;
  denominator = num2;
  numerator = num2;
  denominator = num1;
 remainder = num1 % num2;
 while(remainder !=0)
  numerator   = denominator;
  denominator = remainder;
  remainder   = numerator % denominator;
 gcd = denominator;
 lcm = num1 * num2 / gcd;
 printf("GCD of %d and %d = %d n", num1,num2,gcd);
 printf("LCM of %d and %d = %d n", num1,num2,lcm);
}  /* End of main() */
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