C Program to Demonstrate the increment and decrement operators

C program which demonstrates the working of increment(++) and decrement(–) operators. Increment operator ++ adds 1 to its operand and Decrement operator — subtracts 1 from its operand.

These operators may be used either as a prefix operator or post-fix operator. Read more here: Increment and decrement operators

The Program

/* C Program to demonstrate increment and decrement operators */
* ++i -> i incremented before i is used.
* --i -> i decremented before i is used.
* j++ -> j is incremented AFTER j has been used.
* j-- -> j is decremented AFTER j has been used.
int i=1,j=1;
puts("\tDemo 1");
printf("\t%d %d\n",++i, j++); /* O/P 2 1 */
printf("\t%d %d\n",i, j); /* O/P 2 2 */
i=1; j=1;
puts("\n\tDemo 2");
printf("\t%d \n", i=j++); /* O/P 1 */
printf("\t%d \n", i=++j); /* O/P 3 */
i = 0; j = 0;
puts("\n\tDemo 3");
if ( (i++ == 1) && (j++ == 1)) puts("Some text");
/* Will i and j get incremented? The answer is NO! Because
* the expression in the left of '&&' resolves to false the
* compiler does NOT execute the expression on the right and
* so 'j' does not get executed!!!!! */
printf("\t%d %d\n",i, j); /* O/P 1 0 */

Sample Output

Increment and decrement operators in c

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