C program to implement Towers of Hanoi and Binary Search

C Recursion:
C Program to implement Towers of Hanoi and Binary Search using the Recursion method. Recursive functions solves the complexity of the problem by calling the function again and again itself. Using recursive methods we can save execution time and memory. In this program we have two recursive functions for Binary search and the Tower of Hanoi problem. Read more about C Programming Language .

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main() {
int n, a[50], key, opn, i, pos;

do {
" nn Press 1 -> Binary Search , 2-> Towers of Hanoi 3-> Quitn");
scanf("%d", &opn);
switch (opn) {
case 1:
printf(" How Many Elements?");
scanf("%d", &n);
printf(" Read all the elements is ASC order n");
for (i = 1; i <= n; i++)
scanf("%d", &a[i]);
printf(" Read the Key Elementn");
scanf("%d", &key);
pos = BS(a, key, 1, n);
if (pos)
printf(" Success: %d found at %d n", key, pos);
printf(" Falure: %d Not found in the list ! n", key);
case 2:
printf("nn How Many Disks ?");
scanf("%d", &n);
printf("nn Result of Towers of Hanoi for %d Disks n", n);
tower(n, 'A', 'B', 'C');
printf("nn Note: A-> Source, B-> Intermediate, C-> Destinationn");
case 3:
printf(" Terminating n");
printf(" Invalid Option !! Try Again !! n");
printf(" Press a Key. . . ");
} while (opn != 3);

int BS(int a[], int key, int low, int high) {
int mid;

if (low > high)
return 0; /* failure */
else {
mid = (low + high) / 2;
if (a[mid] == key)
return mid; /* Success */
if (key < a[mid])
return (BS(a, key, low, mid - 1));
return (BS(a, key, mid + 1, high));

tower(int n, char src, char intr, char dst) {
if (n > 0) {
tower(n - 1, src, dst, intr);
printf("Move disk %d from %c to %c n", n, src, dst);
tower(n - 1, intr, src, dst);

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