C Aptitude Questions and answers with explanation

C Aptitude 22
C program is one of most popular programming language which is used for core level of coding across the board. C program is used for operating systems, embedded systems, system engineering, word processors,hard ware drivers, etc.

In this site, we have discussed various type of C programs till date and from now on, we will move further by looking at the C aptitude questions.

In the coming days, we will post C aptitude questions, answers and explanation for interview preparations.

The C aptitude questions and answers for those questions along with explanation for the interview related queries.

We hope that this questions and answers series on C program will help students and freshers who are looking for a job, and also programmers who are looking to update their aptitude on C program.
Some of the illustrated examples will be from the various companies, and IT industry experts.
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Predict the output or error(s) for the following:

C aptitude 22.1

int main()
int *ptr;
return 0;

Answer: No error.

Explanation: At the time of compilation ,their is a no error, but at the run time you may caught up with the error “null pointer assignment”, because variable *ptr is not initialized during the declaration..

C aptitude 22.2

int main()
int example[]={2, 3, 4, 1, 6};
printf("%u, %u, %un", example, &example[0], &example);
return 0;

Answer: 1200 1200 1200

Explanation: In the printf statement example, &example are returning the base address of the array, i.e 1200, and &example[0] pointing to the address of the first element of array example, i.e 1200, so answer is 1200 1200 1200.

C aptitude 22.3

     int main()
char str1[20] = "Hello", str2[20] = " World";
printf("%sn", strcpy(str2, strcat(str1, str2)));
return 0;

Answer: Hello World

Explanation: In the printf statement strcat function concatenates or appends the string str2 to string str1, so str1 contains Hello World, then strcpy function copies the value of string str1 to string str2, so output is Hello World.

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