C Program to demonstrate isalpha, isdigit, is space.

C Program to demonstrate the following functions:isalpha, isdigit, isspace.The same principles apply to isalnum, iscntrl, isgraph,islower, isprint, ispunct, isupper, isxdigit.
In the standard library ctype.h all the above functions are declared.
All the subroutines mentioned here, returns non zero(true), If the checked argument is true for the respective subroutines. Read more about C Programming Language .

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#include <stdio.h> /* printf */
#include <ctype.h> /* isalpha isdigit isspace etc */

#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE 1

/* function declarations */
int char_type(char);

char ch;
/* get a character from the keyboard */
printf(" Please enter a charcater => ");
ch = getc(stdin);

char_type(ch); /* Figure out the character type */


//char_type:decides the character type
int char_type(char ch)
/* returns non zero if A-Z or a-z */
if ( isalpha(ch) != FALSE)
printf("%c is an Alpha character.n",ch);

/* returns non zero if 0-9 */
if ( isdigit(ch) != FALSE)
printf("%c is a numeric character.n",ch);

/* returns non zero if a space, CR, Tab, NL FF */
if ( isspace(ch) != FALSE)
printf("%c is white spacen", ch);


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