C Program To Sort An Array Using Bubble Sort

C Program To Sort An Array Using Bubble Sort. Bubble Sort is the simplest and easiest sorting technique. In this technique, the two successive items A[i] and A[i+1] are exchanged whenever A[i]>=A[i+1]. The larger values sink to the bottom of the array and hence it is called sinking sort. The end of each pass smaller values gradually “bubble” their way upward to the top(like air bubbles moving to surface of water) and hence called bubble sort. Read more about C Programming Language .

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2 comments on “C Program To Sort An Array Using Bubble Sort

  • Hi!! i have a question for you: the mean of bubble sort isn't compare x[i] and x[i+1] consecutively?! Cuz with those 2 for cycle.. you'r comparing:
    x[0] -> x[1]; //this is right
    x[0] -> x[2]; //but that not i guess
    x[0] -> x[n-1];
    x[1] -> x[2];
    i thought that u should comparing like that:

    x[0] -> x[1];
    x[1] -> x[2];
    x[2] -> x[3];
    x[n-2] -> x[n-1];

    can u explain better 🙂


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