C Program to check whether two strings are anagrams of each other.

C Strings:
Write a c program to check whether two strings are anagrams of each other.
Two strings are said to be anagrams, if the characters in the strings are same in terms of numbers and value ,only arrangement or order of characters are may be different.
Example: “dfghjkl” and “lkjghdf” are anagrams of each other.
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# define NO_OF_CHARS 256
int Anagram(char *str1, char *str2)
    // Create two count arrays and initialize all values as 0
    int count1[NO_OF_CHARS] = {0};
    int count2[NO_OF_CHARS] = {0};
    int i;
    // For each character in input strings, increment count in
    // the corresponding count array
    for (i = 0; str1[i] && str2[i];  i++)
    // If both strings are of different length. Removing this condition
    // will make the program fail for strings like "aaca" and "aca"
    if (str1[i] || str2[i])
    return 0;
    // Compare count arrays
    for (i = 0; i < NO_OF_CHARS; i++)
    if (count1[i] != count2[i])
    return 0;

    return 1;
    char str[100], str1[100];
    int flag = 0;
    printf("Enter first stringn");
    printf("Enter second stringn");
    flag=Anagram(str, str1);
    if (flag==1)
    printf(""%s" and "%s" are anagrams.n", str, str1);
    printf(""%s" and "%s" are not anagrams.n", str, str1);
    return 0;

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